Minecraft is a sandbox game. This means that a set of open ends game, without a specific goal or constraining guidelines. There are different levels and types of play, adding to the open-ended aspect, and offering a level of flexibility, creativity, and choices not often seen in video games. This makes it a game that players and families of players, can easily be adapted to their interests, their interests and boundaries and styles of play. Game settings may vary from the completely calm creative mode, where all materials and supplies are at hand, and the players never die, in survival mode that can be set at different levels of difficulty.  In survival, players must collect resources and craft their tools while still alive. There are several levels of difficulty to survive range completely peaceful (in other words, not monsters) difficulty levels, including a variety of monsters, or mobs, like spiders, skeletons, and zombies. In survival mode, even when placed in silence, players can succumb to hunger, falls, drowning and other deaths. This ability to adjust the level of difficulty, as well as to control the level of peace is one of the attractions of the game for many families.

The Game Modes

Minecraft has several different game modes that work in radically different ways. You can choose the game to start a new world.

  • Creative – Minecraft This is for people who do not want to worry about fighting the world. Allows players access to different types of blocks away, not monsters breed in the world. Just load the game and build!
  • Survival – The basic mаn against a wіld mоdе. Survival spawn’s monsters іn the wоrld and is forcing players to build resources and harvest them. the players respawn on death
  • Hardcore – This is just like a survival mode, but it is difficult to lock to hard and the world must be removed when the player dies. Everything is there! This mode is not currently available in the version of the Xbox 360.
  • Adventure mode – Turning this mode, it is іmроѕѕіblе for players tо break most оf thе blocks without thе рrореr tооlѕ. It is intended for players who play custom maps. It is available only on the PC and cannot be selected when a new single player begins. It is about how to use the command console “game mode 2”

Appearance And Playing

  • Building Blocks: Minecraft is sometimes specifying as Lego for the computer, but I think it is a far too simple analogy. The truth is that the base game is made up of dozens of different types of blocks, but is much more complex. The truth is that there are no curves and all the market and is made up of pixels, making it rudimentary. However, the base material may be modified, combined, and the production of more complex items. These raw materials are different types of stones of various ores, a variety of trees, many edible and decorative plants, and animal’s plethora.
  • Raw Materials: Raw materials can be manufactured in other forms. For example, ores such as iron can be extracted, and then burned in a furnace, whereby the ingot or bars. This can be in this kind of tools and equipment such as axes, shovels, picks, hoes, swords, armor, scissors, cans, doors, gates and over again. Of course, the player must first create a craft table from wood taken from trees and furnace crafted from stone excavated, and the oven has to be driven by coal or charcoal, which can also be obtained. At the same time, the player has to be sure to find enough food to avoid hunger, and if you do not calm at the level of survival, to create a shelter that will protect them from the monsters that appear at night.